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If the studio you are seeking to book isn't listed please comment the name of the space or explain what you require in the comment box below. Leave Space required unselected.

Booking requests are processed normally within 24 hours. Short notice please call the studio.

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We require to know how many people will attend the studio during your booking. Please make sure everyone is well and notify the studio ASAP.

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Studio B1 ($80/hr)
Studio C1 ($27/hr)
Studio C2 ($44/hr)
Studio A22 ($33/hr)
Studio C4 ($27/hr)
Open Space - C5 ($66/hr)
Studio A11 ($38/hr)
Studio A12 ($33/hr)
Studio A13 ($27/hr)
Makeup Room A14 ($27/hr)
Training Room A15 ($27/hr)
Boudoir Studio A16 ($35/hr)
Studio A21 ($33/hr)
6.5m Wide Cyc A26 ($33/hr)
Studio A24 ($27/hr)
Audio Studio A25 ($50/hr)
Pink Studio A31 ($33/hr)
Space C3 ($27/hr)

Date / Time required:

The minimum booking time is 2 hours per studio space. Our rates are charged in 30-minute blocks, this includes setup/preparation and pack-up. Additional time is charged in 30-minute blocks.

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- Personal 1-on-1 assistance from a studio team member.
         Our Team: Chris Huzzard, Chris Benson
         Enter your team member preference and all other requests
         in the special requirements box.
Subject to availability.

Student rate:

- I am a student, and this booking is
        NOT for commercial purposes.
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