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Each studio is equipped with a broad range of flash lighting as well as light modifiers, reflectors, radio triggers, beauty dishes, snoots and grids. All included in the standard hire rates. Please be aware we aim to have a good range of equipment for each studio but if you require something please put the request in the comments box when booking online.

Note: The items you may see in each studio does NOT mean they are included or will be in the room you book. EG. Couch, Colour Paper rolls or Music Speakers. Please put in the comments the requested items you seek and we will do our best to provide. Also some items might have a hire fee.


Building A Spaces

Building B Spaces

Building C Spaces

Studio A11


Studio A11 is one of our most popular studios, configured to be self-contained with multiple shooting spaces and plenty of room and length. Situated on the 1st floor of the building, it features opening windows that let in gorgeous natural light; a long white cyclorama; a fixed area for coloured backgrounds; a stippled black wall and light grey wall shooting areas.

A11 also features a separate changing area and open makeup area (suited for up to 3 people). The space is suitable for 70-200mm lens, however up to a 500mm has been used to great effect. There is also a small reverse cycle air conditioner unit, with access to additional fans and heaters possible.

Studio A12


Studio A12 is our black studio. With black walls, floor and ceiling, this is a space designed for you to have complete control of your light.

Backed with a heavy, sound-absorbing cloth, the studio has a window-mounted reverse cycle air conditioner, a small makeup space and a small white cyclorama. The flooring is normally a black acrylic, helping to create reflections and fill.

Studio A13


Studio A13 is a background studio. It has large open spaces, a small square white space, a gray stippled wall, concrete sheeting, multiple printed backgrounds and a small makeup area. Despite being one of our most economical studios, all the normal strobes, light shapers and stands are provided, and space has a large-room feel to it. This studio is often used for meetings, body painting and look-book sessions.

Makeup Training Room A14


Studio A14 is one of our more popular spaces, especially suited for makeup, events and training. It is a space designed for multiple makeup artists and is often used to coordinate and manage shoots in other studios within the A Building. With great access to a lot of natural light, it is easy to work in and has 4 6500 Kelvin, with daylight LED panels mounted above the ample mirrors.

As with most makeup stations, there is access to multiple makeup chairs and, when available, additional trestle tables.

Training Room A15


Studio A15 is designed to be a communal space and is most often used for small events rather than photoshoots. We have found that the room adds a lot of value to photo shoots and video shoots when used as an additional, accessible space to the other close studios. It can be used for wardrobe, styling, relaxing or coordinating shoots.

Normally this studio has additional chairs, a small music system and basic electrical cables and power boards.

Boudoir Studio A16


Studio A16 is a natural light studio, with all the normal strobes and modifiers included. It contains a number of additional furniture items, including a queen-size bed with white netting. We also can provide access to additional props and sheets (cleaning fee not covered). Its shape, style and soft character make it popular for boudoir-style shooting.

Studio A21 Large Windows


Studio A21 is an extremely popular studio, owing to the combination of natural light, unique windows, length and general amenities. With a large separate area for makeup and preparation and the overall depth of the studio, the space encourages original design and execution.

Studio A22


Studio A22 is a cost-effective space with a number of unique features. These include a small separate space with natural light, natural light in the main studio, heavy drapes to block out light if required, a medium length white cyclorama, a black space and a gray wall.

In addition, there is a separate makeup and change area suitable for up to 2 people, and space for wardrobe.

Studio A24


Studio A24 is an adaptable, multi-purpose studio. From its distressed walls, quirky panels, galvanised sheeting and other unique features, it offers a welcome departure from the mundane. As with all our studios there is a small and effective preparation area.

AUDIO Studio A25


Studio A25 is a small, video-interview studio with reasonable sound management properties. With access to all the extensive video and audio equipment the studio has, the studio is perfect for creating quality video and audio interviews, and video blogs.

Studio A26 - 6.5m Wide Video Cyc


Studio A26 has a huge wide 6.5m white cyc. Great for videography and shooting super wide 16x9 video.

Studio B1


Studio B1 makes things easy. With its high ceilings, a huge infinity cyclorama, a myriad of modifiers, C stands, large white flats, white, gray, black spaces, separate makeup and styling spaces, it’s our favourite for good reason. From video to high-end photography it’s hard to go past studio B1.

This space also comes with a range of equipment options, street entry and loading bay access. Great for dropping off all your gear and props for large sets straight from your vehicle and into the studio space.

Studio C1


Studio C1 is a multi-purpose, versatile and popular space. The room has a wide, white cyclorama and makeup space, and It includes a reverse cycle air conditioner and all the standard equipment. It was one of our first studios to ever be built and remains very popular.

Studio C2


Studio C2 provides immense value for money. With physically separated spaces for makeup, styling and shooting, it’s a functionality-focused space and provides most of the generally requested backgrounds with its white, grey and black spaces. There is also the option available, as with all our studios, to use paper rolls, which can take your shooting requirements to the next level.

Studio C4


Studio C4 was designed as our subtractive light studio. As it is a longer space, when the black curtains are used, it defines and enhances shape and form. The room is simple and effective.


Studio C5 can host more than 150 people and has provided space for dancing, events, functions and fashion shows. It can be used for rehearsals, training and theatre productions.

This space is a large hall room, wood floors include the white catwalk. Which can also be put aside to open up space as an open planned room.